VISAS (H-2A / H-2B / J1)

The Program involves multiple government agencies, and every year new challenges and potential pitfalls emerge for employers. This helps navigate the process by: 

  • Developing customized application materials tailored to your specific seasonal or intermittent labor needs;
  • Interfacing with state and federal agencies to ensure timely approval of your application; and
  • Providing comprehensive guidance on your ongoing compliance obligations

If you require assistance with foreign recruitment, we can refer you to reputable, independent foreign worker facilitators in Ecuador.

These prefered worker facilitators work closely with H2B and provide comprehensive services related to recruitment and processing of foreign workers including:

  • Recruiting qualified workers who are ready, willing, and able to do the job;
  • Helping Workers prepare their individual visa applications; and
  • Assisting workers through the consular interview process and arranging transportation to your place of business